Have you thought about the secular ceremony for your wedding?

Civil marriage can sometimes be a little hasty, and it focuses mainly on the legal part, on the rights and duties of the future spouses. That’s why, especially if you haven’t planned a religious wedding, you might want to add a spiritual dimension to your wedding. It could be the opportunity to honour the values ​​on which your couple is founded, to involve relatives who will be able to testify on the ties that unite you and pronounce your wedding vows.

In this case, the secular ceremony is made for you! Follow the guidelines!

The advantages of a secular ceremony:

The main interest of such a ceremony is that you can fully customize it to fit your image and wishes.

You can choose to involve relatives, have texts read that reflect your story, you can select music that touches you…

You can thus create, from scratch, a moment that suits you!

Where to do your secular ceremony?

You can choose where your ceremony will be held: do you want a rural setting surrounded by nature? An elegant room? An unusual place? Everything is possible…

At the Domain of Christin, several areas are appropriate to the organization of a magical secular ceremony. Think about the climatic conditions: the shade of an olive tree could be very useful to you. Otherwise, why not provide a tent, pretty hats or fans for your guests? What leave them a beautiful memory and ensure beautiful photos!

Outdoor secular ceremony space with tents
Countryside secular ceremony space

Who organizes your secular ceremony?

You can choose to entrust this task to a loved one, for example to one of your best men or bridesmaids, or to organize it yourself, or perhaps to entrust it to a Ceremonial Officiant. The key is to find a person who will understand you and transmit what you want for this moment.

What is the sequence for your secular ceremony?

Again, no rules! Since everything is possible, listen to your desires! The multitude of possibilities can, perhaps, scare you! How do you find your way through this ocean of possibilities?

For example, you can follow a time frame, start with speeches about you younger, before you were in a relationship, then about the day you first met, what you represent as a couple now, your values, … Then, end with what your loved ones wish you for the future, what you want to build tomorrow…

You can find many other frame examples on blogs or specialized books on the subject.

A ritual for your secular ceremony?

You can choose to incorporate one or more rituals into your ceremony to materialize, to concretize your union. They often draw their inspiration and symbolism from traditions from different countries. You can choose one or more, and even why not create your own?

So, convinced about the secular ceremony?

You will understand, a secular ceremony is above all a ceremony that looks like you, which talks about what makes the cement of your couple, your values, your projects or all the things you want to do, say or share on your wedding day!

At the Domain of Christin we have many possible configurations for a secular ceremony, do not hesitate to contact us to organize a visit, so we can show you all the possibilities at the estate!