« The Giants », Domain of Christin’s educational farm in the Gard

Feeding a lamb
Farm lamb
Preparing a horse
Outdoor activity
Three ducklings

Many educational activities for young and old

Called « THE GIANTS », our Educational Farm offers activity sessions adapted according to the age of the participants (« Children » from 4 to 13 years old or « Adults » from 14 years+).
For the « Adults » category, the activities are organized taking into account the preferences (animals / viticulture / plants) of the majority of the participants.
In the « Children » category, the activities are organized according to the average age of the children in the group, and by their interests.
From Monday to Friday, there are 2 sessions per day, from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 8 participants, all categories combined.
We therefore advise you to book in advance.

Few examples of farm activities

Visit our horses (Mainly Shire) learn about their history, discover the philosophy of the domain and the working methods employed. You may approach the horses, and if you are interested there is a possibility of participating in grooming and preparing the horses, or taking part in a baptism of a Shire horse embarking on its equestrian career

Visit to the sheepfold  we will tell you about its history, you may approach the sheep and if interested : you may help with the feeding + bottle feeding of the sheep, we offer explanations on the particularities of our Sheep

Visit our barnyard, If you would like to help in feeding the animals and collecting eggs, we will try to answer your questions and offer explanations about the particularities of all our animals

Visit the estate’s gardens, discover the varieties of wild plants encountered on the property, the methods we use to cultivate the meadows and our hay production.

Visit our vineyard  discover its history, the different variety of grapes on our estate, the work involved running a vinyard , and if you’re interested and depending on the season you can learn and help with picking the grapes / learn about caring for our vines, we offer a questions and answers session at the end

Indoor Activities. Example : cooking workshop using at least one product from the Domain

Outdoor activity. Example : kite flying

Prices and instructions

The price for each session is 25 €/ participant.
The sessions usually take place from 9:30 am to 12 noon (times subject to change depending on the weather of the day) from Monday to Friday. Whatever the category, all participants must wear closed shoes such as sneakers, and trousers to at least mid-leg length (plus a hat for Children in summer)