The history of Domain of Christin : the rebirth of a 12th century building

The history of the Domain of Christin begins at the end of the 12th century. The traces of its past is present in its authentic architecture, respected and preserved by the BURAY family, during their ownership (which finished end of 2014).

Pigeonnier du 12ème siècle Domaine de Christin
Chemins du Domaine de Christin
Charpentes anciennes du Domaine de Christin
Bâtisse ancienne du Domaine de Christin

The ancient architecture highlighted in a complete renovation of the Domain’s buildings

Shards of bottles from the Middle Ages on the top of the stone wall, of the former farm-fortress. Dovecote-water tower with inscriptions « 1189 » in the stone, vaults, keystones, ribbed vaults, flying buttresses and stone apertutures follow one another in the imposing Mas of the old farm-fortress, where  Hotel apartments  were conceived in 2019.

Monumental stone fireplace, vaults and beams of the high ceilings are the remarkable elements of the Provencal farmhouse transformed into a bastide in the 1980s and today contituting our  beautiful gites since 2015.

The old wine cellar with its 2 superimposed rows of patriarchal vats, and majestic frames culminating at nearly 11 metres in height, is now rehabilitated as magnificent Reception and meeting rooms.
Linked to viticulture, the intense economic activity of the past has left traces of the existence of sheep and work horses at Domain of Christin.

Since the end of 2014, the new owners have been reestablishing  this abandoned vineyard  : The vineyard has been saved, the wasteland fromthe plots torn up by the predecessors have been sown to become beautiful meadows, the Norman breeding of draft horses, the SHIRE breed of Eric Buray has been transferred to the property, preceding the arrival of a few sheep in order to « complete the loop », then folloed by other animals, at the origin of the educational farm of the Domain
The BURAY family had completed the farming of Domain of Christin with olive groves located a few kilometres away, one of then serving as a backdrop for Villas The Olivier and The Picholine.