Shire horse breeding at the Domain of Christin

Professional breeder since 2007 of English « SHIRE » horses, Eric BURAY and his team will introduce you to their « Gentle Giants » usually used for horse-drawn traction and transport.

Of exceptional size and strength, the growth of the foals finishes at the age of 7 years. The SHIRE is the largest of the horse breeds in the world, as well as the strongest horse breed. There are only a few subjects in France!

The « Shire Horse Show » in Peterborough in England brings together a few hundred specimens of the 2,500 subjects registered in the studbook, mainly in Great Britain and the United States.

If you want to get close to this stunning horses, without having to go to England, contact us to participate in a session at our Educational Farm!

Horses of Shire breed
Shire mare and its foal
Breeding Shire horses