Wedding weekends, why are they popular?

Initially planned for a single evening, then increasingly supplemented by a brunch the day after, weddings have the annoying tendency to get longer. A new format is becoming more and more attractive: the wedding weekend. So why do so many wedded choose this formula? What are the advantages and the disadvantages? Is this type of wedding suited to your style, your desires, and your budget?

What is a wedding weekend?

As its name suggests, a wedding weekend takes place over several days, usually two or three. It often begins on Friday and ends at the end of the day on Sunday. During this period, your guests are usually accommodated at your wedding venue, and you benefit from their presence throughout the celebrations.

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Advantages of a wedding weekend

A wedding, as we know, lasts little, and ends very, very quickly. And yet, we sometimes spend more than a year preparing it and making sure everything is perfect. It’s because of this frustration that marriages start to get longer.

On the big day, for the bride and the groom who know all their guests, the feeling of jumping from person to person and only having a few minutes to spend with each guest during the evening can be a little disappointing.

The main advantage of the wedding weekend is to have several days, but also several meals, to enjoy your guests and have privileged moments with each one of them.

For example, why not have dinner with close friends on Friday evening, lunch with family on Saturday, enjoy all guests during brunch on Sunday?

A wedding weekend also means allowing special time for all the guests. If your wedding place has leisure activities, you can organize a petanque (bowling) tournament, enjoy the pool during brunch… In short, your wedding is no longer a simple evening but more like mini holidays for everyone.

A wedding weekend is not yet fully the standard. This will allow you to make an impression, and make your wedding an unforgettable moment, not only for you but also for all your guests!

Disadvantages of a wedding weekend

Such an event obviously has a cost. You will need to rent your reception venue for several days, provide beds for all your guests. But also organize many more meals than for a simple wedding evening! You will also need leisure activities to occupy your guests.

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And the budget for a wedding weekend?

To reduce the budget, more and more wedded are choosing to ask their guests to participate financially for the accommodation on site. An option that remains cheaper than booking a hotel room and so much more convenient and quieter!

So convinced about the wedding weekend?

A wedding weekend represents a bigger budget and more organization than a wedding party, there is no doubt. But on the other side, it is an opportunity to gather all your loved ones for several days and spend an unforgettable moment with them.

Wedding weekends are the specialty of the Domain of Christin, a unique place in the region: you will have the possibility to accommodate up to 130 people on site from Friday to Sunday, with many possible configurations, leisure activities, etc. You want more information? Come and meet us to discover the concept of an extraordinary wedding weekend!